Friday, October 16, 2009

September 2009 Review

well I've been missing for a really long time now,
lagipun Aku memang pemalas bab2 nak update blog ni,
coz perlu ke update sokmo ni? tak perlu rasanya,
ikut occasion je la ya okay ...
so Aku celebrate Raya 2009 at "Paradise Land"
for the first time ever! and it was Amaaazinggg!
Picture Raya aku xkan post di blog,
if nak tgk sila ke Facebook ya rakan2
so Aku left Paradise Island heading for KL
Business Class ticket okay Economy tak layan!
hehe exagerrate je tu but cerita benar lah haiyo,
there you go, MAS Golden Lounge
other pics in Facebook *again*
here's the view from my seat in the cabin
view dari udara ni, arghhh missing Paradise Land!
so Aku headed back after 4 days of Raya with Family
to KL to meet up with my other 2D's
Aliff & Danang
Aliff ni kalau ya'll nak tau dia really
living up "Chuck Bass" punya life,
from Holiday at Fiji, Paris, Rome, New York
you name it mesti dia dah pergi
travel in style with First Class service
so before Aliff jets off to Goldcoast Australia
we met up and just bitchhh about life!melantak di Tony Roma's!Aliff & Fir shisha until sawan~
Dan and Aliff melantak plak @ Godiva~
lepak-ing at Starbucks plak~
so then the next day Izat buzzed Aku,
he said nak buat daytrip random gila
to mana cuba teka ???
aku agak terkejut jgak la coz,
Historical City yang satu ni
amatlah panas xtau kenapa,
aku yang Hot or city tu Hot ni?
we tagged along Ainel, Aditya and Arai
malam tu satu kerja lagi aku bergegas ke
Danang's Open House!
terus slumber party until morning,
bitching punya bitching
Aliff masuk TV plak coz ikut parents
beraya sambil do charity ...
we all naik Kapal Terbang
dia naik Helicopter tu !!!
betul Chuck Bass bah kau ni hehe ...
Happy Graduating Aliff in Bond Uni!
come back fast2!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Updated *sort-off*

after a while I'm blogging again,
NOT a Big fan of blogging coz things in life
are a Secret, it won't be a Secret when it's being
shared and spilled out to the whole world
now would it?
apa je yang baru ya?
4 months of my 3rd Degree year sem
dah pun finitooo "habis la dodol"
langsung pulang ke Crib baru,
it's bigger than my previous one's
with less occupants in it
owh Comot and Flower are safe
in the back room,
KL is a veryyy beautiful City
chances are kalau nak tgk skyline
dia breezy + blue sky + sunny
MEMANG TIPIS sama sekali,
Thanks to Jerebu a.k.a Haze ...
makanya everytime when it's sem break
akan ku fly ke KK, Sydney and Japan
for breathing clean air
selagi ada udara yang segar darrr ...

*Picture consists of Me & Sis*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adriana Lima

the Beautiful, Pretty, Bombshell, Angel
of ALL-time *to me of course*
"Adriana Lima"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AirAsia: Red with Glory

AirAsia is the World's Best Low-Cost Carrier,
it lives from their tagline "Now EVERYONE can Fly!"
I like their new set of planes from A320 to A350
bukan macam MAS, tak habis2 dengan B737-400
tu, it's not that Ugly but it doesn't live to what it
promises, a 5-Star Value Carrier tapi sokmo
bagi passengers naik plane yang hado! oh sad la begini,
no wonder SIA selalu dpt comment 10/10
when MAS ??? 8/10 for their service ...
and MAS recently bagged their 6th Best Cabin Crew
Award from Skytrax, Congrats, and WTH.

*Pic consists of Sister and her fellow batch mates*

Friday, January 30, 2009

ZoOM! Malaysia: Manukan Island

Manukan Island is 10min away from KK city
ya'll can reach there by speedboat
don't worry it'll only cost you around
RM25 plus those taxes, that being said back & forth
there's a chalet provided for "keepers" ehe,
the island itself is Gorgeous!
the water is Crystal Clear! arriving there
you'd be greeted by tons of colourful
school of fishes AND yes those Flounders!
I went snorkeling there and managed
to sip 2x of those salty waters
thanks to that ruddy Snorkel Mask!
Corals are EVERYWHERE! within
the nearest shoreline of the beach,
I got excited for some reason
YES i'm an Island Lover!
would I recommend this place to
my friends? Absolutely.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cara Aku ber-Blogging

arghhh !!! MALAS bahhh mo update blog
hehehe ... asal post satu je DELETE
post lagi DELETE ...